Chiropractic + Energy

A very intimate chiropractic adjustment. Dr. Heather Rassel combines her innate ability to read the energy of the body along with her clinical skills of 20 years of analyzing and adjusting patients, to deliver an extraordinary adjustment that will leave you feeling renewed and walking on cloud 9. If essential oil application will help in the process, Heather will use what is needed.

Intuitive Coaching

Get more clear, unpeel your onion, and experience a lighter you! This 60 min session with one of JOVIA’s senior energy intuitive coaches will blow your mind. They will guide you, but you actually do the work. It is AMAZING! It is better experienced than explained.

Massage + Body Work

You are in good hands with every JOVIA massage therapist, who will listen to your needs, and customize your massage experience accordingly. Weather you prefer deep tissue, sports, or swedish massage your therapist will create the visit you are looking for, or help you decide!

Wellness Classes

Special Events + Workshops

Register for life-enriching events & workshops to guide the individual to their innate wisdom.